We are glad to present our new collection at Milan Fair
from the 17th to the 22th April 2018
PAV. 4 STAND F21/F25/G18
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THE SENSE OF LUXURY that Cappelletti products emanate is a visual and tactile experience of overwhelming pleasure.
Indeed, Cappelletti’s creations might be defined as “moments of luxury” - those moments that we all hope to encounter because of luxury has the timeless fascination, composed of excellence and uniqueness: objects of great exclusivity that are always emblematic of luxury and of profound personal identification and distinction for those who purchase them. Rich in creative details, characterised by elaborate carving and carefully chosen materials, all the elements of the Cappelletti’s collections make a striking visual impression and create an imposing presence. In gold-plated brass 24 Kt, silver-plated brass and beige, gold, silver, white antique - hand-made finishings - briarwood and black lacquered. Using particular fabrics and decorated with hand-crafted details, jewels and stones. As in the past.