Sense of Luxury



The Collection positions itself as an evolution of traditional classic style: the re-interpretation of historical shapes, combined with the harmonisation of decorative elements, bringing eclectic silhouettes to life.


This collection from Cappelletti is inspired by the most important element: water. Lines and decoration are luxurious, to underline the importance of each item, while colors are light and suitable for any style of environment.


Glamour and prestige are the strengths of this collection, in which simple lines are ornated with high quality materials and hours of refined handwork.


This collection perfectly incorporates the values of the company: brass parts are extremely sophisticated and mixed with handmade customizable finishing. These products create an incomparable harmony.


In this highly romantic and luxurious collection, brass materialize itself in mind pleasing silhouettes able to unwind You at first sight. Aida is the Acronym of: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.


It is easy to fall in love with this astonishing collection: every detail is meticulously designed by renowned architect and experienced artisans to spread in Your home a sense of pure luxury.


The Lilium collection narrates an interesting tale: the shapes are unconventionally classic and yet still able to convey all the distinctive values that every Cappelletti creation incorporates.


More than a collection: N25 is a melting-pot of materials, ambitions and challenges that bring to life iconic shapes and unique finishing.


To be worthy of an emperor’s home, a creation must be satisfying for the eyes and for the body, it must incorporate value, both real and holistic.


This collection is driven by the same goal. Give to Your Dears the most luxury furniture, a jewel. A piece that never will be out of fashion.


Romantic and harmonious shapes are enriched with surprising floral details that make You feel cuddled and delighted.


The world is full of beautiful furniture, but how many of them reach You inner feelings? Only those created with love.


Peaceful and at the same time opulent, the gold decoration and the flawless shapes are the distinctive traits of the Pasha collection.


The mix of briarwood, brass gold plated 24k and linear shapes used in the creations make them a symbol of unbounded authority.


Our bathrooms not just regal places fully equipped for every need: you will find an extraordinary combination of high quality and durable materials blended in enchanting designs.


Doors are an integral part of Your interiors, for this reason we developed a selection of unique designs that can be enriched with Your own ideas and customized with Your favorite wood and metal finishing.


Kitchen of Cappelletti salvages decorative details from the past and integrates them in a innovative concepts for the kitchen: All the most modern equipment can be built it.