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Cappelletti srl guarantees luxury, quality and class: key principles of the real made in Italy.
The design is unique, personal and unmistakeable, such inspirational and distinctive to be defined as “Cappelletti
style” all over the world: rich, sophisticated and charming. Designed for those who strive for luxury and excellence.

The weft of the art

Cappelletti is undisputed leader in the production of furniture in brass and high quality woods matched with traditional materials. Inlays, meetings and fine laser cuts make of Cappelletti one of the best producer of classical-luxury furniture.

The company believes in the strong value that a “Made in Italy” product should incorporate: the quality and the heritage has to be reflected in every detail of every item.

Cappelletti Project

Cappelletti has a structure made to measure for those who have to project interiors, and share with them its:

  • Knowledge
  • Staff
  • Samples
  • Hardwares

About us

Founded in 1956, Cappelletti srl is a Company that designs, manufactures and sells luxury furniture in classical style.

Cappelletti products are characterized by all the values present in high quality classic furniture such as craftsmanship, exclusive finishes, gold leaf and carvings, to which should be added the exclusive precious metal decorations made with craft procedures that are Company’ historical and artistic heritage.
They represent the real added value of the collections and make Cappelletti products unique and precious.


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